The office Christmas party - your cleaner’s Christmas present.

The office Christmas party - your cleaner’s Christmas present.

It’s Christmas party season! What it really means is extra cleaning season for your office cleaner. Whether your office takes the party elsewhere or keeps it in the building, there’s bound to be more mess than usual left behind. You may even need some specialised carpet cleaning or window cleaning to get the office back into shape. So if you need an extra clean just to pick up after a wild night with your co-workers, you might need to let your commercial cleaners know beforehand. If not, your cleaners would appreciate a little bit of effort on your part if you’re keen to provide them with a bit of a Christmas miracle.


Your commercial cleaners have been working hard all year behind the scenes so you can come into a sparkling clean office every morning. It may even go unnoticed because of the immaculate shape that they keep it in. One of Crewcare’s greatest advantages is the app Carenote. If you’re not utilising something like this already, you can use it after the big Christmas party to highlight any of the areas that your cleaners should give extra attention to. The Crewcare team can use this information to make sure that when you come back, any wine stains, chip crumbs or excess wrapping paper have been cleaned as if they ‘never happened’. 


Maybe you just really want to give a hand yourself — your commercial cleaner would love that! One suggestion is to make sure that you put your recycling and rubbish in bags so the cleaner can disposed of it for you. At Crewcare we’re all about sustainability, so putting all of those glass bottles and cardboard boxes in the recycling bin will save us a lot of time. That means we can focus on any extra cleaning needed after the Christmas party. Make sure that anything that isn’t recyclable stays in a separate disposal. Especially materials like styrofoam or any food products, which don’t mix well with recyclable products. If you’re not sure about what’s good to go in the recycling bin itself, a lot of the time there are signs displaying what can go inside. 


Finally, if you’re planning on having a wild night in the office, don’t forget to lock-up when the last person leaves. You don't want anyone that’s not meant to be in the office lurking the hallways. That way your office cleaner has the assurance that won’t be accused of theft or vandalism if someone was to get in. Crewcare has security screening and training when on-boarding a new cleaner, so we know there are only trustworthy people in the building. As well as security there is plenty of health & safety training available for Crewcare’s cleaners, so you can be completely at ease. If there is an issue, you’ll be informed by our supervisors or Crewcare’s head office.


So as Christmas gets closer, please don’t forget about your cleaner who has been with you all year round. Crewcare is happy to give you that extra hand when cleaning up your office after the party. We’ll cover your vacuuming, dusting, wiping-down and anything else that needs to be done in the office. The conference room, bathrooms, kitchen, and reception can all be focused on. Just let Crewcare know what needs to be done and we can work to get it there. 

Why you should be sick of your sick workmates

Why you should be sick of your sick workmates

We’re all guilty of coming to work when we're plagued with the flu or cold. It’s inbuilt in our Kiwi ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude. However, we have 3 words for you; Don’t do it.

The culture around sick days and when you should use them is changing. It’s generally frowned upon to come in when you’re an infectious mess - yet still many of us do it.

According to an NSF research survey, 42 percent of workers said that they come in when they’re sick because of deadlines. 37 percent can’t afford to take time off while the other 37 percent answered that their boss expects them to come in. 

When you come to work in those first few days of the cold and flu, you’re the most contagious. We might reach for the cold & flu tablets and syrups to solve our problems, however these only help with the symptoms, not with contagiousness. When you come to work sick, you’ll be around two-thirds less productive. You’ll also spread the germs around the office, meaning more people will get sick. 

But even if that guy in marketing doesn’t sneeze anywhere near you, it could land on a surface and stay there. Keyboards, door handles, light switches and taps will also carry these cold viruses, spreading it further through the work place. This is why a good cleaning company is important. Especially during the cold seasons, your workplace needs all surfaces cleaned to a high standard and regularly. (hyperlink to the Crewcare home page).

Another solution? If you’re lucky, you might be able to do some work at home. Which means you’ll complete your tasks, not infect the masses and get better yourself. This approach is well versed in our company as we don’t think anyone should have to come to work when they’re not feeling 100%. 

So when you next get a little nasty bug, keep it under wraps - at home. 

3 cleaning myths

3 cleaning myths

At Crewcare we hear plenty of myths from our clients about cleaning. So we have listed the top 3, and proven them wrong.

1. Frequent vacuuming will wear my carpet out

In fact, it’s the opposite. If you regularly vacuum your carpets, you’ll be keeping them dirt and dust free. Vacuuming allows your carpets to breath and releases tangled fibres. Alongside regular vacuuming, hiring a professional for a thorough clean at least once a year, will extend the life of your carpet. In the long run, it’s far cheaper to clean regularly than replace all your carpeting. 

2. Steam cleaning will cause mold. 

Some think that getting your carpet wet will summon mold spores. Although this is true, steam cleaning is completely different. Steaming your carpets will wash away all the dirt at high temperatures, which essentially breathes new life into your carpets. For this kind of service, you will need the professionals. It’s unlikely to find domestic cleaners who will do this for you. 

3. If it smells clean, it must be clean.

Not all cleaning products are the best at what they do, so to make up for this, they have added fragrance put in. This could be in the form of ‘tropical getaway’ ‘pine forest’ or even ‘cinnamon bun’. But these synthetic smells aren’t that good for everyone, especially those with sensitivities. Sometimes the best products don’t have a distinct smell at all. 

The best myth which we haven’t listed above, is that commercial cleaners don’t do a thorough and noticeable clean. If this is the case, give Crewcare a call so we can prove this myth busted. We work hard to keep your workspace clean every day! 


Why you need a commercial cleaner

Why you need a commercial cleaner

A clean working environment is important - not only is it for your employees, but it also makes an impression on anyone who enters your premises. Here are a few reasons why you should look into getting a commercial cleaning company in:

A professional clean

The standard of cleaning you’ll get from cleaners is far higher than something your employees could do.

Time is money

You don’t want to waste anyone’s time cleaning when they don’t need to. Instead get the professionals in. 

Looking and smelling good

This is crucial to the success of your company. If you have a tidy business, it will leave a good impression to anyone who visits. Your staff will enjoy it too!

Less accidents

Commercial cleaning staff follow strict health and safety protocols which means no nasty slip ups in your business. When the cleaning is left to your staff, it can often mean a recipe for disaster. 

Availability of staff

Holidays, sick leaves and other concerns can mean that the cleaning sometimes doesn’t get done. However, if you outsource a cleaning company, you can be assured that the cleaning is always going to get done, no matter what. 

Saving the world

Hiring a cleaning company that is enviro friendly is a ‘must’ these days. Crewcare has sustainable systems and eco friendly cleaning products. We also offer day-time cleaning which cuts down on your power bill.

Whether you clean yourself or get someone else to do it - keep in mind that nobody will notice until it isn’t done. For more information on how Crewcare can improve the cleanliness of your workspace, give us a call on 0800 800 209.